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~ James Malinchak

Theresa is an expert on stress.
She knows exactly what to say, to do, to help people access their calm in the storm.
I highly recommend her presentation to anyone who needs to reduce the stress in her life.

~ Meaghan Alton

“Be the calm in your chaos”.
What a call to action! I absolutely loved your storytelling and presence.

~ Joy Kingsborough

Theresa is a living and breathing example of the calm amidst the storm.
Her delivery is in complete alignment with her message – peaceful, confident and clear.
Theresa’s message resonates deeply with those who deal with high levels of stress and quick decision making in the workplace or in an environment where there has been trauma or disaster.
Incredibly powerful and important message.

~ Marlo Ellis

Theresa will teach you about stress and its negative consequences.
But she’ll also tell you about the key to releasing it, staying healthy, and having a long life.
If you want to find calm among the chaos you definitely don’t want to miss what Theresa has to say!

~ Tara LeDuc

Theresa’s talk was informative and insightful, expressing the effects of stress on your body in an easy to understand way.
Her easy manner and medical knowledge was engaging and motivating.

~ Smith Banfield

Theresa shares awesome strategies for releasing stress from your body, so you can live a happier, healthier life, all wrapped up in her poker-faced hilarious way.

~ Jo Davidson

Calm, clear, full of great information.

~ Sara McClellan

Theresa delivered a presentation that offered valuable teachings related to stress and disease.
She’s an experienced nurse who was able to give research-backed advice on how cortisol impacts our bodies and the vital importance of self-care.

~ Dawn Gibson

Stress!  Don’t we all have stress?
Theresa shows us how to process the stress and where there may be hidden stress.
After her talk i took action in my life to reduce the stress I experience.

~ Michelle Cooper

Theresa brings us the practical advice to relieve our stress in a way we can understand.
Her calm affects those in her midst in a way that makes us know we need to take a load off.

~ Molly Knight-Forde